Wednesday, July 12 ☆There is, and translation only for 1st is special plan announcement♪

On Wednesday, July 12, there was space of room!
In so, ko ・ in a hurry ☆We offer accommodation plan with special price.

Normal rate: Per person; usually
"washihanekaku" 14,000 yen (tax-excluded) "taihoro" 15,500 (tax-excluded) 
In washihanekakutaihorokyo → → We offer for 11,500 yen (tax-excluded)!

Dinner used fresh fish in Seto in sum dining
Please have "selected banquet dishes" which eagle feather Highland Hotel cook cooks.

Discount Day which was able to become poochy weekdays of July☆
We enjoy delicious dish and make a tour of bath slowly ♪ Is it naanteikagadesuka?

 Reservation clicks this 

Because of great popularity! The second held decision ☆At washihanekaku renewal OPEN accommodation plan this time, "Kurashiki canvas porch includes"

We do with renewal OPEN special accommodation plan from April 22, 2017 and
The first 300 people give reservation to with with "Betty Smith" tote bag
"washihanekaku renewal OPEN special accommodation plan" that we folded!

It was finished on favorable reception very much. We have many people visit very much and
Thank you very much.

In so, ko ・! The second holding was decided☆

Canvas maker where Kurashiki is proud of this present for Kurashiki canvas room
We present by limitation to "Kurashiki canvas porch" of "by stone" first arrival 300 people.

Period is from June 1 to July 27

As for you who were visited once ☆As for you who choked back your tears last time☆
We wait for all the staff, coming of all of you.

Rent-a-bicycle started☆

In eagle feather Highland Hotel, we began "rent-a-bicycle"☆
It is dotted a lot with street "slopes" named Washu-zan, but don't worry ...!

All the rent-a-bicycle in the slope with "electric assistant player" smoothly ♪ We can go ahead.

[eagle feather Highland Hotel rent-a-bicycle] Six 

■Can rent; time from 9:00 to 18:00
※In eagle feather Highland Hotel, it is limited to guest.

■Rental fee

[three hours rental]
Rental fee 1,000 yen (we include premium, consumption tax) +1,000 yen (deposit)

[six hours rental]
Rental fee 1,500 yen (we include premium, consumption tax) +1,000 yen (deposit)

※After deposit identifying the body including "damage" "trouble" at the time of bicycle return deposit
We refund.

As number includes limit, please confirm at the time of accommodation reservation beforehand.

News of May, 2017 .6 moon outpatient department bathing cancellation day

☆For maintenance, STOP does foreign bathing of the following schedule.
I would like understanding and cooperation.

<May, 2017>
3rd Wednesday 4th Thursday 5th Friday 29th Monday
※Because, as for three days of 5th, May 3 has very many guests for four days; foreign bathing
It should be cancellation. kudaimase to understand.

<June, 2017>
☆26th Monday ☆27th Tuesday

※Person having JR gururin pass come to the front desk.
 But ☆We should cancel all outpatient department bathing for "closed days" on the date of seal.

Eagle feather Highland Hotel general manager Shinji Inada

Day trip bath time
■Use time: From 11:30 to 15:30 (last reception desk 15:00)
※Night day trip bath is canceled
Taking a bath charges: Adult 1,000 yen / 500 yen for children
※With one towel per person

News of 2017 closed days

Thank you for usually favoring more to eagle feather Highland Hotel.

We carry out "maintenance in hall" in the following days in 2017.
On day of maintenance in hall, it is "closed days in all facilities"; approve beforehand.

[maintenance closed days]
■Wednesday, February 8 9th Thursday   ■Monday, March 20 21st Tuesday
■Tuesday, April 25 26th Wednesday  ■Monday, June 26 27th Tuesday
■Monday, September 25 26th Tuesday

I would like understanding and cooperation.

            Eagle feather Highland Hotel general manager Shinji Inada

◆To visitor of visitor bathing member of day trip bath news - about - day trip bath time, sauna change

Always thank you very much for having you favor eagle feather Highland Hotel.
From October day trip bath in shinkantaihorookujotsuyutenfuryo "celestial maidens"
It should be room chisel in noon of from 11:30 to 15:30 (last reception desk 15:00) in use time.
It is sauna of juxtaposition, but will have to cancel on this occasion in large communal bath at the following use time from May 1.
We are really selfish, but I would like cooperation of all the visitors and understanding.

<day trip bath use time>

■Bathing facility: shinkantaihorookujotsuyutenfuryo "celestial maiden"
■Use time: From 11:30 to 15:30 (last reception desk 15:00)
■Taking a bath charges: Adult 1,000 yen (it includes bath tax, tax) 500 yen for children
(with one towel per person)

26th is day of bath every month♪

☆Every month 26th "day of bath!"
Therefore day trip bath becomes at half price on that day.

Use time: From 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (last reception desk 3:00 p.m.)
Taking a bath charges: Adult 1,000 yen → 500 yen / 500 yen for children → 250 yen for children
※It includes bath tax, tax and is with one towel of one

+++ It is +++ Best Satisfaction Guarantee to visitor

We promise "Best Satisfaction Guarantee" for reservation to have you apply for eagle feather Highland Hotel from this official homepage.

It is promise to guarantee that customer satisfaction has high added value than reservation from which other sites providing reservation service of hotel, inn except eagle feather highland hotel formula homepage that is on the Internet when reservation to have you apply from official homepage of eagle feather Highland Hotel compares "equivalence product, equivalence plan" with "Best Satisfaction Guarantee".

We say that we provide "advantageous feeling" of "something extra" by "Best Satisfaction Guarantee" not meaning "only low" of "price", and offering "added value" of "something extra".

Eagle feather Highland Hotel general manager