2018 ☆May ☆June ☆News on bathing cancellation day foreign in July

☆For maintenance, STOP does foreign bathing of the following schedule.
I would like understanding and cooperation.

<May> 15th Tuesday 29th Tuesday
<June> 4th Monday 27th Wednesday
<July> 9th Monday 23rd Monday

□Person having JR gururin pass come to the front desk.

Washu Highland Hotel manager Kazuhiro Kuroda

Day trip bath time
■Use time: From 11:30 to 15:30 (last reception desk 15:00)
※Night day trip bath is canceled
Taking a bath charges: Adult 1,000 yen / 500 yen for children
※With one towel per person

Net-limited ☆We are limited on Sunday weekdays in July in June ☆Plan appearance!

Reservation is limited to nets ☆Very attractive accommodation plan comes up!

Weekdays & Sunday limitation of June July! Dinner banquet dishes with chef recommendation "one article of sea bream"
We offer in sum dining♪

 Reservation clicks this 

2018 tray ☆Company HP-limited! Advance reservation ☆It starts from today!

From April 25, 2018 is tray period in company HP

[Saturday, August 11 12th Sunday 13th Monday 14th Tuesday 15th Wednesday]

We start advance reservation acceptance!

In addition, advance reservation receptionist becomes only company homepage from April 25.
Reservation receptionist over telephone is ... at 8:00 on Monday, May 7, 2018.

For more details, Coco is clicked☆

News of the plan accommodation plan end of the 30th anniversary of Seto-ohashi opening

Plan and "30thAnniversary ♪" that we did and started on March 1 accommodation plan of the 30th anniversary of Seto-ohashi opening
Thanks to you, we had reservation to many of you very much.

We had the present on March 18 and attached as privilege
As "chopstick rest of Seto-ohashi" reached prescribed amount; plan with the end
We will do.

We make a reservation and very many customers use and express sincere appreciation.
Thank you.

Washu Highland Hotel management Press and Information Office all members

Rent-a-bicycle started☆

In Washu Highland Hotel, we began "rent-a-bicycle"☆
It is dotted a lot with street "slopes" named Washu-zan, but don't worry ...!

All the rent-a-bicycle in the slope with "electric assistant player" smoothly ♪ We can go ahead.

[Washu Highland Hotel rent-a-bicycle] Six 

■Can rent; time from 9:00 to 18:00
※In Washu Highland Hotel, it is limited to guest.

■Rental fee

[three hours rental]
Rental fee 1,000 yen (we include premium, consumption tax) +1,000 yen (deposit)

[six hours rental]
Rental fee 1,500 yen (we include premium, consumption tax) +1,000 yen (deposit)

※After deposit identifying the body including "damage" "trouble" at the time of bicycle return deposit
We refund.

As number includes limit, please confirm at the time of accommodation reservation beforehand.

◆To customer of customer bathing member of day trip bath news - about - day trip bath time, sauna change

Always thank you very much for having you favor Washu Highland Hotel.
From October, 2014 day trip bath in shinkantaihorookujotsuyutenfuryo "celestial maidens"
It should be from 11:30 to 15:30 (last reception desk 15:00) in use time.
Only [sauna] of juxtaposition will stop on this occasion in large communal bath.
We are really selfish, but I would like cooperation of all the customers and understanding.

<day trip bath use time>

■Bathing facility: shinkantaihorookujotsuyutenfuryo "celestial maiden"
■Use time: From 11:30 to 15:30 (last reception desk 15:00)
■Taking a bath charges: Adult 1,000 yen (it includes bath tax, tax) 500 yen for children
(with one towel per person)

26th is day of bath every month♪

☆Every month 26th "day of bath!"
Therefore day trip bath becomes at half price on that day.

Use time: From 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (last reception desk 3:00 p.m.)
Taking a bath charges: Adult 1,000 yen → 500 yen / 500 yen for children → 250 yen for children
※It includes bath tax, tax and is with one towel of one

+++ It is +++ Best Satisfaction Guarantee to customer

We promise "Best Satisfaction Guarantee" for reservation to have you apply for Washu Highland Hotel from this formula homepage.

It is promise to guarantee that customer satisfaction has high added value than reservation from which other sites providing reservation service of hotel, inn except Washu Highland Hotel formula homepage that is on the Internet when reservation to have you apply from official homepage of Washu Highland Hotel compares "same product, equivalence plan" with "Best Satisfaction Guarantee".

We say that we provide "advantageous feeling" of "something extra" by "Best Satisfaction Guarantee" not meaning "only low" of "price", and offering "added value" of "something extra".

Washu Highland Hotel general manager