Privacy Policy

Washu Highland Hotel (our following hotel) performs the handling of personal information that conformed to privacy policy which hotel sparkling waves (following operator) established on establishing this homepage using rizabeshon ASP service reservation turn (this service) that kaddish (following service offer company) provides.

1.Definition of personal information

"Personal information" is information about living individual and can collate with full name included in the information concerned, thing which can distinguish authorized individual by other descriptions on the date of birth and other information easily and says thing which may distinguish thereby specific individual.

2.Collection of personal information

When the purchase of product, reservation, inquiry were done at our hotel, we may collect personal information of customer. Clearly stating use purpose, it depends on legitimate and fair means on collecting.

Personal information to collect at our hotel is as follows.

  1. The name, furigana
  2. Zip code (home, the office)
  3. Address (home, the office)
  4. Phone number, cell-phone number (home, the office)
  5. E-mail address, cell-phone e-mail address
  6. ID
  7. Password
  8. Sex
  9. The date of birth
  10. Occupation
  11. Shipping address information
  12. Business history with our hotel and the content
  13. Information that authorized individual can distinguish by putting the above together

3.The use of personal information

Use purposes of personal information that I took from customer are as follows at our hotel.

  1. Confirmation, inquiry of reservation
  2. Confirmation, inquiry of product shipment
  3. Confirmation, inquiry of the receipt of money
  4. Request of cancellation fee
  5. At the time of reply of inquiry
  6. Information for latest information of our hotel
  7. Opinion collection, inquiry for service improvement

We disclose personal information and, at our hotel, do not contribute to third party without declining of customer except the following case.

  1. When it is based on laws and ordinances and when it is necessary to cooperate for person who received engine of country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing office work to establish of laws and ordinances
  2. When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult for to with consent of the person
  3. When we change personal data in allied enterprise of company running our hotel

4.Safety management of personal information

It is rational and is organized and is physical, and safety management of personal information that I took than customer takes technical and human measure by service offer company and acts for prevention of danger such as unjust invasion to personal data, loss, manipulation, leak of personal information at our hotel by performing the appropriate handling that followed associated laws and ordinances.

5.Correction, deletion of personal information

Please let correction, deletion of personal information that I took from customer know from the following reference. In addition, as for "change, the confirmation of member information, procedure of correction of member information, password and withdrawal is possible than this" menu in our site when it is registered.

6.About use of cookie (cookies)

We may use cookie (cookies) to offer good service by customer, but we cannot in this way collect information that can identify individual and may not violate privacy policy. In addition, we can change by setting of browser when acceptance of cookie (cookies) is not hoped for.
※It is transmitted to browser of customer by server computer, and cookie (cookies) is information accumulated in hard disk of computer which customer uses.

7.About use of SSL

At the time of input of personal information, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technique for securing of security for the purpose of these information preventing intercept, interference or thing tampered with.
※ SSL is to encrypt information and is prevention of manipulation function to handle, and to transmit and receive of telesecurity and data. We can send information more safely by using SSL.

8.Reference TEL 086-479-9525

9.Change of privacy policy

When we perform change of personal information to collect, change of use purpose or change of other privacy policies at our hotel, it should be publication with change to our page.