Charm of this hotel

Charm of four eagle feather Highland Hotel

Eagle feather Highland Hotel has charms to be able to enjoy stay itself.
You are far, and please enjoy scenery, meal, bath, entertainment, daily life to the full.

Scenery which looks at attractive 1 Seto-ohashi

It is on hill of Setonaikai National Park first-rate scenic spot "Washu-zan" and can have you thoroughly enjoy magnificent Seto-ohashi and panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea.

Around Seto-ohashi, we gathered up day around the hotel. The morning sun and the setting sun which we chased with thyme Rapps are very beautiful. (as sound comes out, please be careful.)

In Seto-ohashi, light up is carried out by night from sunset on the year-end and New Year holidays, holiday other than every Saturday. It is very wonderful night view. As there is appreciation, photography spot, ask the staff.

Dish full of attractive 2 entertainment characteristics

In live kitchen [errand of Palace of the Dragon King] of this hotel pride, you can fully enjoy powerful cooking scenery.

Buffet of Small Potion of seafood riches of the soil full loading in Seto. In live kitchen, cook cooks in front. Live made show (19:00 ...) of specialty of Shimotsui octopus is unmissable. (as sound comes out, please be careful.)

Fresh seasonal ingredients of Shimotsui pride dance. It is entertainment-style to have you enjoy dish itself as for the best taste from the start in "the live kitchen" where you can see counterattack of cooks from all of you at table.


Bath of attractive 3 feelings

Quit though enjoy scenery, and thoroughly enjoy fair skin hot water;, too and. Please spend time relaxedly in natural hot spring.

It is CM video of honey pearl bath. (as sound comes out, please be careful.)

We offer two types of original developed Bihada-no-Yu "honey pearl bath" only for roof open-air bath of superb view view that we installed in the roof and our hotel.

Hot spring

Attractive 4 Riki Osako! "Ogre side drum" of eagle feather Highland Hotel tradition

Performance and dance of fantastic drum risen every night the curtain are popular toward the tourist from foreign countries.

Look at part of ogre side drum. (as sound comes out, please be careful.)

Specialty of eagle feather highland hotel "ogre side drum" began from thought by "contact with visitor" for "memory of more impressive trip". Player is this hotel staff how. It is traditional event of this hotel inherited from generation to generation from senior to younger student.

Place: The front front (free)
Time: 20:30 ...
※We may change by season.