With dishes original in four seasons folds of mountains and seas of Seto

Please enjoy Okayama's best fresh fishery products landed in fishing port, Shimotsui Port with seasonal original dishes.
We offer "buffet-style" and two styles of "banquet dishes" at our hotel. In the case of reservation, please choose one you like.

Buffet-style dining

You can eat approximately 50 kinds of dishes which used fresh material from Okayama abundantly as much as desired. By dishes Counter in shop six cooks contest of cooking demonstration ♪ Please enjoy "live stage" of "meal" which sees, and satisfies ruo to eat.

Errand of buffet & live kitchen Palace of the Dragon King

Special dining to enjoy with Tongue and eyes
Dishes of approximately 50 kinds including "fresh one dishes" at live kitchen corner of many dishes which put the rich subject matter of the Seto Inland Sea together and six ♪ We assemble in full force. ★Live made show around 19:00 start of common octopus in Seto ♪ ※But it may be called off by the stocking situation or octopus prohibition of fishing period (October).
Business hours
Morning) from 7:00 to 9:00 (order stop 8:30)
Night) from 18:00 to 20:30 (order stop 20:00)
<about the use of dinner>
Adult) 6, 000 yen (tax-excluded) dwarf (3 years old - primary schoolchild) 3, 000 yen (tax-excluded)
※Child two years or younger is free.
■Advance sale ticket) adult 5, 000 yen (tax-excluded) ※Please buy reservation required / advance sale ticket by the day before on reservation day.
We see accommodation plan including "errand of Palace of the Dragon King"

Video introduces "errand of Palace of the Dragon King".

※As sound comes out, please be careful.

Banquet dishes

Banquet dishes of this hotel are inland sea original banquet dishes having you thoroughly enjoy taste only in Setouchi based on tradition of Japanese food eating taste of material. The Shimotsui offing opening under eyes is eminent excellent fishing grounds of the whole country. Please enjoy blessing of mountains and seas to the full.

Fishery products landed every morning in Minato of Shimotsui in the four season suffer hardship in tide of detailed inscription Seto every day, and the body is tightened. We examined seasonal foods of such Seto which epicures that Tongue was good admired unintentionally closely and selected carefully and made an elaborate plans.

※Content of dishes varies according to season and plans.
We see accommodation plan including "banquet dishes"

Source - Shimotsui ... of creation

Because tide is early, and there are many rocky place and shallows (heap of sea gravel), and our hotel Shimotsui offing opening under eyes is suitable for spawning ground of fish, really various fish is Ryoba eminent in the produced whole country.

... Shimotsui product octopus ... which image of octopus turns into

Place that big characteristic of Japanese food can enjoy taste of material. Therefore ingredients are particular about seasonal thing, fresh products of the district. Please have Shimotsui product live octopus sashimi that our hotel chef holds by all means. Surely image for octopus changes. In addition, there are a lot of recommended dishes as well as sashimi.

... Utsumi dishes ... challenging new field

This hotel has main thoroughly enjoy taste of seasonal fish, taste only in Setouchi with "inland sea dishes" without being particular only about field called Japanese food. By this hotel chef's original creation, the recipe does not include genre. We read dishes book of other countries and we say and are pouring power into studies such as soup stock sauce soup now to eat chef oneself in popular shop. We read new tide and get hint from there and put our ingenuity in daily dishes.

Information for breakfast

Please have in buffet form from abundant menu which thought about balance. Please spend day eating well deliciously well.

Place: Errand of Palace of the Dragon King
Time: From 7:00 to 9:00
(order stop 8:30)